About Us

I'm So Happy You're Here!

I'm Erica, the lil ol' candlemaker that's working hard behind the scenes to make your homes look + smell wonderful.

I started my business in 2020, after being tired of the quality and performance I would get from the big guy candle companies. I started getting headaches and noticed my candles burning poorly-

I thought, what gives?

And then the rabbit hole began! I didn't realize how much chemical synthetics go into all of the mass produced candles we're buying off store shelves. It was then that my candle making journey began. Nine months and many sleepless nights later but Bohemian Lily finally was born. I researched my butt off, tested countless recipes.. my home looked like a science lab (seriously). But I've created it! A quality and eco conscious candle that doesn't sacrifice smell or performance. And the best part? My candles are made with all natural soy wax and phthalate free oils. Soy wax is derived from soy beans which makes them sustainable and eco conscious- you're welcome earth <3 

So thank you for caring about the environment, your cozy homes, and my business. I'm so excited to share all of my creations with you!